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Acadian Contractors has the resources, skill, and experience to handle virtually any size fabrication project – from small skids to multiple-level platforms. We are your single source solution to meet your exact specifications and deliver your project on time and on budget.

Platform Fabrication

We have been specializing in the fabrication of oil and gas production platforms for more than 40 years.

Our team provides turnkey onshore and offshore platforms, top sides, and jackets to leading energy providers throughout the United States, Gulf of Mexico, and internationally.

Our state-of-the-art structural fabrication facility encompasses more than 130,000 square feet and features the latest in technology including automation, specialized welding machinery and CNC beam and pipe cutting. Add to that our highly skilled and experienced workforce and it’s easy to see why Acadian Contractors is a leader in fabrication services for the oil and gas industry.

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Module and Process Skid Fabrication

Acadian Contractors offers you modular fabrication services to meet your modular project and packaged equipment needs quickly and cost-effectively.

We believe that modular projects are the industry standard of the future. Our team can fabricate facilities and systems to your designs and specifications – then assemble and test them at our fabrication yard. The systems are then disassembled, shipped and installed at your job-site.

This modular project process also provides you with the opportunity to familiarize your operations team, conduct training, and pre-commission your assets in a controlled environment prior to deployment.

We also offer packaged equipment such as separators, pumps, and vessels that can be placed on skids and shipped anywhere in the world to meet your specific needs.

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Subsea Fabrication

Acadian Contractors is one of only a select few companies with extensive experience and capabilities when it comes to subsea fabrication along the Gulf Coast.

Over the past few decades, our team of professionals has gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise in fabricating the subsea equipment your company needs for successful offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

All subsea hardware and equipment is produced at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility located just minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. This allows us to fabricate your subsea equipment and ship it to your offshore locations quickly and efficiently. From PLEMS/PLETS/ILS to Jumpers, mud mats, and more – we deliver your subsea equipment on time and on budget, every time.

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Marine Terminal Fabrication

Our company’s unique proximity to oil & gas production, combined with years of experience in fabricating and constructing marine terminal assets for agriculture and liquid commodities – from crude oil to molasses – makes Acadian Contractors the right choice for your terminal project. We have international experience and have fabricated breasting, birthing, and offshore mooring dolphins, fenders, platforms, loading and unloading structural cradles for terminals and facilities as far away as Jamaica and Israel. Shipments leaving our docks proceed unobstructed on the Vermilion River to the Gulf of Mexico and onward to international destinations.

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Compliance & Certifications

Quality is important to us.

  • NBIC R Stamp
  • ASME U

  • ASME Section VIII / ASME Section IX

  • API 650

  • AWS D1.1 (Structural Welding)

  • ASME B31.3 / B31.8 / B31.9 (Pipe Welding)

  • API 1104 (Pipe Welding)

  • AWS D1.2 (Aluminum Welding)

  • AWS D1.6 (Stainless Welding)

  • Primavera 6 Scheduling Software

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